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Shooter's Exchange is a unique company, specializing in the sale of firearms for the private owner/collector.


Randy Hales, Founder and President of Shooter's Exchange, has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Randy started developing the concept of a firearms brokering business after his personal negative experiences with liquidating parts of his personal collection.

As an avid hunter, shooter and collector of firearms he has acquired many across the years. He has years of experience in competitive skeet shooting as well as with high-end shotguns.

As someone that has personally and professionally bought and sold many fine firearms he has an accurate feel for both market values and market fluctuations, as well as unique insight into the psychology of creating auction listings that maximize selling prices.

Between all personnel at Shooter's Exchange we have several decades of experience as well as technical expertise with unique and collectible firearms that include everything from muzzleloaders, turn-of-the-century firearms, sporting clays firearms, hunting firearms, military firearms from across the world, and tactical and combat firearms. We have over ten years combined experience as licensed firearms dealers.

In an effort to make sure that you, as a Consignor, get the best possible information we retain the services of a number of experts in different areas. No one person can truly accurately evaluate the wide range of firearms that are out there. These experts are recruited to help evaluate and value these unique items. We will be glad to share the name and expertise of any individuals that help in evaluating your collection.