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Estate gun sales

Shooter's Exchange is a unique company, specializing in the sale of firearms for the private owner/collector.

In the past four years we have paid our clients over $1.4 MILLION DOLLARS for their firearms!

Shooter's Exchange utilizes the World Wide Web to ensure that your firearms find the "RIGHT GROUP OF QUALIFIED BUYERS". We ensure you get the best price at the lowest cost to you as an owner. Technology along with proper marketing and great presentation means you have the best possibility of getting a good return on your investment.


It is the intent of Shooter's Exchange to conduct our business in an honorable manner, and to ensure that we represent our clients with fair and equitable representation in an effort to sell items which they contract with us to sell. We try to represent each item as clearly and fairly as we can to insure that the buyer as well as the seller (our Client) receives the best price for the item.

It is our intent to ONLY represent private sellers in an effort to sell their collections, or portions of their collections. Our focus is not on selling new guns stocked from distributors, our total efforts are focused on selling the guns of our Clients.

We will strive to evaluate and appraise each item to the best of our ability in order to reach a price, typically a current market value, which we believe the item or items should bring via online sales efforts.


We are not a retail gun store. We buy estate guns. We sell estate guns. We don't present your guns in competition with a new gun on our shelves.

Once we have conducted thorough research, performed a professional appraisal, compiled written descriptions and taken professional photographs of your gun collection, the guns are placed in an internet auction with reserve minimums. These minimums are set by you to ensure that we will not sell the guns for less than you expect, taking current market value into consideration.

We handle the listings, all communications with buyers, ensure secure packaging and proper shipping for all weapons we manage. We also pay for ad promotion. This along with our years of experience marketing and selling guns online provides you the best possibility to get the price you want as efficiently as possible.

So contact us, tell us how we can help you, and let us help you get the right price for your firearm