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Estate gun sales

Shooter's Exchange is a unique company, specializing in the sale of firearms for the private owner/collector.


For Clients who wish to sell their guns, the question is "HOW MUCH DOES IT COST"? Large collections and special items will always receive special attention and special pricing.

Our standard commission for our services is 20% of the final sale price.

Clients have options as to how to sell their guns and there is not one answer for all items! Our fees always include an Auction Fee, which is assessed by the auction site based on the final value of the item sold. This fee is 2.5% of the final sale price of your firearm and is deducted from your final payment.


We primarily use a method that consists of a starting bid price with a minimum reserve price required to be met before an item can be sold. This GUARANTEES our Clients a set minimum price that they will garner or the item does not sell. This consists of an Agreed Price to open, with a Reserve Price. If the Reserve Price is not reached, no sale takes place. The item is re-listed with the same Reserve Price for three two-week Auction Cycles. If the item has not sold after three Auction Cycles, Reserve is reduced by 5%, and run for three more Auction Cycles. At that time, the Client has the option to pull their item, or continue with an additional reduction of 7% for three more Cycles. At the end of six Auction Cycles the Client has the option to sell their item with No Reserve, or take their item back into their possession. In this case a Return Fee Applies.



**FOR ANY ITEM THAT FAILS TO SELL, THERE IS A CUSTOMER RETURN CHARGE OF $30.00**. This fee helps to offset the cost of photographing, listing and returning items which fail to sell and helps discourage listing items with us that will not sell.


If you bring us an item which requires cleaning prior to photography, there will be a $20.00 cleaning fee applied to the item. The ability to take clear descriptive pictures is enhanced by a clean, polished gun. In all cases, clean leather, wood, and metal photograph much better and help to sell an item at the highest possible price.


We will provide you with a list of suggested prices for all items, with a start reserve price and a minimum reserve price, and/or a fixed sale price. We will need either an email response or a written response as to the agreed sales pricing. These values are typically listed in your consignment contract.