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If you are someone you know has antique, modern firearms or related items to sell, we will be happy to go over each item with you and give an accurate current market value. We offer the lowest rates in the industry.


If you wish to have your collection picked up, within 300 miles of our location.  There will be a minimum charge based on the number of guns to be consigned, and the urgency of the customer to begin the process to sell their guns.


We will arrange transportation for those situations outside our pick-up area, should that be required.


We will exhibit at (30) Gun Shows, over the next 12 months.


We provide insurance to cover theft, and natural disasters up to the 70% value level.


We will charge the consignee, $7.00 to clean guns that require cleaning only if the gun is delivered to us in a state, that will not allow for “Good Photo’s”.


If you are interested in having your guns appraised for any purpose, but are not interested in selling the guns, we will quote you a specific price to appraise the guns, and provide a letter outlining the actual value of each gun and the comparative reasons why we believe the gun value to be reasonable.  We will also provide, along with this appraisal, pictures of each gun on DVD, which will allow you to keep a photographic record of your collection.  If you have a very unique piece, which we don’t have the ability to appraise, we will let you know that we cannot appraise it, refer you to someone who can apprasise the gun for you.  Remember, all gun appraisals, are estimates, with a “LOW AND HIGH RANGE”.


We offer all prospective gun buyers/collectors, and interested individuals an opportunity to join our email contact list, and receive weekly and monthly updates as to the guns which we are being consigned by private individuals.   These guns will have a “Fixed Buy Now: Price”, prior to going online for sale on the right Internet Sites.


We will handle all customer shipments, and insurance of items being shipped.  Items will only be shipped,once “PAYMENT IS RECEIVED”.   NOTE: All items are packaged in our dedicated shipping facility, part of our Headquarters Complex.  Customer payments will go out on the 15th and 30th of each month.  “ Remember it takes 7 to 12 days normally to complete an online sale.  Buyers have 10 days, to confirm and send payment, from the time the transaction is complete.


You are always welcome to come visit our offices, located in Hayesville, NC.

Hours are 10 until 5:00 Tues, & Thru, and 12 until 5:00 on Wed,& Fri, Appointments Only on Saturday.


We will in most cases be in the offices during Morning hours, and will be glad to meet to discuss your needs,  but our Show Room will only be open during scheduled hours.