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Shooter's Exchange is a unique company, specializing in the sale of firearms for the private owner/collector.



Auctions: Auction houses are what we consider a high-cost method for selling a collection. There are two main factors that affect the return on your investment. The first factor is a depressed selling price. This occurs because the buyers are charged an Internet buyer premium, typically between 10% and 22% of the sale price, then they pay a transfer fee of $10-$20 per item, and are also charged a shipping fee (an average of $35 per item). Since the buyers have to make a profit as well, this depresses the bid amounts. The second factor is that you, as the seller, are ALSO typically charged around 10% to 30% of this already depressed bid price for their services.

Online Sales: Online sales are attractive upon initial consideration because of eliminating the middleman. However, there are several costs that are not completely evident at first. Online sales tend to be the high-maintenance option. For the best return on investment the research on the firearm needs to be thorough, accurate and complete, down to every last detail and proofmark. Pricing strategy can have a tremendous effect on the ultimate sale price and there is an art to that. Pictures have a huge impact on the selling price and should be as clear, detailed and professional as possible. There can be frequent communications with potential buyers concerning details and a lot of low-ball offers from buyers looking for a 'steal'. The other issues are the need for properly packaging and shipping firearms (which can be even more complicated if you're not a licensed firearms dealer), and knowing the legal and recordkeeping requirements for making sales of firearms.

Local Gun Stores: This requires the least effort but is also usually the option with the lowest return on your investment. The vast majority of gun stores are focused primarily on the highest profit margin and the quickest resale/turnover. Because of this they will typically make low offers for your firearms and will be quick to exploit any potential lack of knowledge on your part if it will enable them to buy from you at a lower price. They also work for THEIR customers (buyers), not for YOU, the seller.


Professional Image: We have a professional storefront and are licensed both as a business and as a Federal Firearms Dealer. We are very well insured and very secure with several safes and a secure gun room. We provide quick, easy, seamless transactions for both the buyer and the seller. We take care of the packaging and shipping and manage all of the required recordkeeping.

Experience: We have been doing this long enough that we have worked all the problems out of our processes. We have experience with managing all the potential problems and pitfalls associated with brokering firearms online, and legal and recordkeeping requirements are completely streamlined. We consistently receive positive feedback on the quality of our packaging and the timeliness of our shipping, and our communications with both buyers and sellers is timely and thorough. We have developed a significant following of collectors and repeat buyers that watch our auctions and stay current with our inventory.

Presentation: Simply stated, numerous high-quality, detailed photographs sell firearms more quickly with a higher return than any other factor. Archive-quality research properly identifies and describes our firearms. This creates a high level of confidence for a potential buyer and shows our firearms in the best possible light. The online environment is very competitive and these factors enable us to outsell our competitors.

Maximum Return: All of these characteristics contribute to the success of our sales. We can say without hesitation that we can bring in the maximum return for your firearm compared to the other methods listed.